Dominik Bender 

Born 1957, first studied Islamic Studies, Indology and Ethnology in Cologne, then in Berlin from 1978–1982 at the Hochschule der Künste. After graduating in 1982, he founded the Theater zum western Stadthirschen, where he still works as an actor and director. Since 2004 he has also worked in this function with the Thikwa Theater, and has been head of acting training there since 2012.
With his enthusiasm for language creations, bizarre word acrobatics and personal stories, he has devised a very special way of dealing with language and biography with the Thikwa actors.
His works with the Thikwa Ensemble have been invited to numerous festivals (including Okkupation! Zurich, No Limits Mainz / Berlin, Dyalog TheaterFest Berlin, Grenzgänger München). In addition, since 2010 lecturer for drama in integrative / inclusive forms of theater and participation in numerous film and television productions.

Photo © Dominik Bender