KOMPOST-HORROR. Stage design project for Theater an der PARKAUE

Concept, direction and stage: Manuel Gerst, Leonie Graf
Costumes and collaboration concept: Helene Payrhuber, Sophia Profanter
Music and composition: Tobias Vethake
Motifs playground: Louis Edler, André Nittel, Tim Petersen, Sammy Serag
Postproduction motifs: Álvaro Martínez-Alonso
Stage project mediation: Álvaro Martínez-Alonso, Pierre Spiegelberg, Susann Weisshaar
Dramaturgy: Daniel Richter
Artistic Mediation: Pauri Röwert
With: Birgit Berthold, Fabian Bischoff, Robert Janning, Jakob Kraze, Rachel Rosen, Nicolas Sidiropulos

Duration: 75 minutes
Stage 4
from 8 years - 3rd - 6th grade
October 15 2022

Interactive game by Manuel Gerst, Leonie Graf and ensemble In cooperation with Theater Thikwa.
Stage design in cooperation with Thikwa Werkstatt für Theater und Kunst.

Separate waste, shred it, layer it, dig it up, move it, wait, dig it up again, wait, let it decompose and wait again. Thousands of little animals work day and night to turn organic waste into something useful again - a never-ending game with lots of crawling legs to save our planet. Because nothing grows there anymore, we urgently need new fertile soil.

In the game " KOMPOST-HORROR " you work your way through the compost layer by layer as dung beetles, earthworms and larvae - a race against time. Attention: In each compost level lurk mean opponents, behind each banana peel awaits an unforeseen attack - the absolute horror. A team of actors from the Parkaue and Theater Thikwa will compete against you. Who will create the ground for new life in the end?

In " KOMPOST-HORROR", the artists Manuel Gerst and Leonie Graf translate the recycling cycle of the compost ecosystem into an interactive game. In it, questions of sustainability and personal responsibility are negotiated in times of man-made climate change.

In the context of opening up for long-term inclusive working relationships, the Parkaue has been cooperating since the beginning of the last season with the Theater Thikwa, which has been making theater with disabled and non-disabled artists for more than 30 years.

Photos. Sinje Hasheider and Álvaro Martínez-Alonso

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By: Andrè Nittel
Pencil on paper
44x64 cm
Enlarged to 10x8 meters and distributed on 154 plates for the stage set. Each plate 74x74cm

By: Louis Edler, Tim Petersen, Sammy Serag
Acrylic paint, acrylic pencils on canvas
Enlarged to 10x8 meters and distributed on 154 panels for the stage set. Each plate 74x74cm
Images by Tim Petersen for KOMPOST-HORROR
Each image was enlarged to 50x50 cm and printed on individual plates.