Makiko Tominaga

Makiko Tominaga was born and grew up in Tokyo.
In 1978 she first learned of Butoh during her acting studies. She gave up her acting studies and began her internal journey in Butoh with the company “DAIRAKUDAN“ from 1978 – 1991. Akaji Maro was Makiko’s teacher and the leader of the company. The Butoh company members lived, worked and participated in many international festivals together.

Since 1993 Makiko has lived in Berlin and worked with diverse theatre groups and musicians as dancer, performer and choreographer. She has worked with Thikwa since 2004.
Since 2013 Makiko has worked intensively with the Swiss saxophonist Marcel Schmid on an improvisation series. In 2015 she completed the basic MBSR (Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction) training at “Arbor Seminars” to deepen and widen her inner journeys and explorations.

Photo © Álvaro Martínez-Alonso