Manfred Effinger

Born in Munich, Manfred Effinger makes music with accordian, percussion, voice, toy instruments and everyday objects and performs both solo and in diverse formats. One of his core themes is vocal improvisation, he also works a lot with sound installations, music collages and performances.
He has developed music for and with theater projects and readings, among others at the Berlin theaters, Ramba Zamba, Maxim Gorki Theater, bat Studiotheater, Tyatrom, English Theatre, Schaubühne,  Theater Thikwa and the Thüringer Landestheater, musical involvement in dramatized readings and radio feature projects. Leader of the project: Klangerfahrungen - Sinfonie des Alltags(Sound experiences – symphony of the everyday) with mentally disabled participants in the Sonnenuhr workshop.

Photo © Zoltan Labas