Urlaub auf Betonien - Floating Islands


Álvaro Martínez-Alonso and Silja Teresa Huppertz
Addas Ahmad, Fabian Bischoff, Cornelia Glowniewski, Ingo Joers, Lukasz Loska, Vincent Martinez, Peter Pankow, Oliver Rincke, Rachel Rosen, Luisa Walther and Neighbors from Kreuzberg.

Buero fuer Nachbarschaftliche Netzwerke (NN)
Saisonale Nachbarschaftswoche #Sommer. FLOATING UNIVERSITY
The Office NN for Neighbourhood Networks has existed since 2018 and involves the direct, social environment of the Floating University in the processes, informs with personal contacts about what is happening here and develops joint formats and programmes with the neighbourhoods around us. The office has the task of building up a network of Berlin-based groups and initiatives that are regularly active at the Floating University. Furthermore, the NN office takes care of the search for the “not-yet-but-would-be-good-if” transdisciplinary in Berlin and its integration into the project.
The office is headed by Silja Teresa Huppertz.

Urlaub auf Betonien - Floating Islands
Waves of concrete invade the city and in summer not everyone can escape. We don´t need Mallorca or Sardinia. We found another Island in the city but we need a raft to arrive there.

As part of the “Nature Culture Strategies” program, Thikwa artists and Kreuzberg neighbours are invited to build their own wooden rafts with which they will arrive at Floating Island, an oasis of commoning in a rainwater retention lake in the city of Berlin.

Construction Workshop: 09. – 11.08. 2023
Floating Islands Inauguration Ceremony: 11.08. 2023

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Photographs: Ingo Joers, Álvaro Martínez-Alonso and  Luisa Walther