Photos © Álvaro Martínez-Alonso

Makiko Tominaga

The aim of the training is to locate and develop an individual body language. Each in their own way, depending on the body’s possibilities, to be what you are. To move accordingly, to build on and expand the possibilities.

Learn to perceive inner and outer impulses.
Learn to perceive inner and outer spaces.

To promote permeability through group and partner exercises in order to open the flow of direct and indirect communication fields. To expand the repertoire of movements in a playful way. To develop and coordinate movement and dance sequences together as a group.
To find and develop your own mode of expression.

Photos © Álvaro Martínez-Alonso

Linda Weißig
Dance Training

The dance training of Linda Weißig combines the techniques of contact improvisation, contemporary dance and ballet. In addition, elements of Pilates and Yoga are combined, so that the entire musculature is gently engaged. The interplay of movement and breathing revitalizes the body's energy flow. The Pilates exercises in particular stabilize the body center around the abdominal, hip and lower back muscles (known as the "power house" in Pilates). This increases mobility, posture and body awareness. Emotional balance also benefits from the gradually improved body awareness.